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Biological recycling of petrocontaining waste in the (M......)Open Company

The recycling technology of oil slimes is carried out at the factory as follows. The oil slime is taken to a specially equipped slime detoxification site of 0,8 hectares. The site is diked and in the has a waterproof layer in the basement to prevent the filtrate migration which contains dissolved oil products, to water bearing horizons of spreading soils. Each site map receives structurator-ameliorant sawdust and evenly distributed on the surface with the layer of 15-20 sm. Then the delivered oil slime is mixed up with the stucturator. The general height of the prepared layer does not exceed 0,4 m.

During the process of maps formation the oil slime is processed with the biological product DEVOROIL and the received substratum is carefully stired. For microorganisms' better oxidizing ability mineral fertilizers (diammophos) are also brought into the maps.

The slime is periodically humidified (2 times a week, or more often) and 2 times a week it's stirred for better aeration conditions for the microorganisms.

Time slime detoxification time takes 2 months.

For the time of the oil slimes recycling technology use the factory carried out detoxification of about 3500 m3 of oil slime. The new product of the factory is applied basically for building lawns on its territory, and also for leveling roughness, for beautiful landscapes.

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